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Anything else is just a stick

New Stirling Arms (NSA) made some of the best wasters in the world. But, all things must come to an end. Jim at NSA wanted to retire.


Last year, I learned of Jim's imminent retirement through an email list and got in contact with him with the idea that I would just ask him some questions about waster making. I ended up apprenticing with him for months learning how to make his Perfect Waster. Jim allowed me to make exact copies of his jigs and templates, taught me his methods, and introduced me to his wood supplier.


Those of you who have used Jim's products will recognize his term Perfect Waster as the description of a practice sword that is stylistically authentic to the period and perfecty balanced in the hand.


I will be continuing Jim's NSA tradition in making some of the finest wasters on the market. I'm keeping the line-up to just some of the classic swords Jim's cutomer's have come to know and love, and at this time I will not be doing custom work. Meanwhile, Jim and I became good friends through my apprenticeship with him. In fact, between my waster orders, I'm helping him remodel his house.


Browse the catalog and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Duncan Arms is taking a brief hiatus from taking new orders. Last year (the dreaded 2020) gave me one last gift before bowing out. Due to ongoing physical difficulties making wasters needs to take a back seat to my recovery. Existing orders will be honored and completed soon.

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